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Sound Bright Bar Industries is a Mumbai based company, dealing in the Manufacture and Supply of a wide range of Bright Steel Wires, Bright Steel Bars,  Alloy Round Steel Bright Bars and Profile Round Section Bright Bars. The company also provides products in Mild steel, EN 8, EN 24, EN 31, SAE 8620 and other alloy steels. A wide variety of sizes in various grades is available with us.
We take pride in our process route, that by itself is a clear reflection of the emphasis we place on quality. Stringent inspections at every stage right from cleaning to the final polishing of the goods ensure that our products are cut above the rest. Our products are high on demand in industries like Automobiles, Construction machinery, General machinery, Switchgears, Fasteners, FMCG, Power, white goods, etc.


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Manufacturing Bright Steel Bars since 1989

At Sound Bright Bar Industries, we take pride in everything we produce. Although our industry has changed immensely over time, there are some things that remain constant such as our attention to detail, the quality of our goods and our care for those who use our products. Please browse our site to get a better idea of who we are and what we do.

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Raw Material: Hot rolled steel bar are used as raw material. Because the hot rolled products are produced at elevated temperatures (1700 - 2200 Deg. F. i.e. hot rolling), they generally
have a rough and scaled surface and may also exhibit variations in section and size.

Step 1 • Cleaning: Abrasive scale (iron oxide) on the surface of the hot rolled rough stock is removed. Followed by Inspection.

Step 2 • Coating: The surface of the bar or coil is coated with a drawing lubricant to aid cold drawing. Followed by Inspection.

Step 3 • Pointing: Few inches of either end of the bar is reduced in size by turning so that it can pass freely through the drawing die. Followed by Inspection.

Step 4 • Drawing: In this process, the material being drawn is at room temperature (i.e. Cold-Drawn). The pointed/reduced end of the bar or coil, which is smaller than the die opening, is passed through the die where it enters a gripping device of the drawing machine. The drawing machine pulls or draws the remaining unreduced section of the bar or coil through the die. The die reduces the cross section of the original bar, shapes the profile of the product and increases the length of the original product. Followed by Inspection.

Bright Bar Drawing

Step 5 • Straightening: The drawn product is bent due to several tonnes of pull, forcing it to get bent, hence it is straightened between a concave and a convex roll. Followed by Inspection.

Step 6 • Finished Product: The drawn product, which is referred to as Cold Drawn or Cold Finished, exhibits a bright and/or polished finish, increased mechanical properties, improved machining characteristics and precise and uniform dimensional tolerances. Followed by Inspection.

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